Recommended Books

While this book is not health care specific, it offers valuable content in an easy to read manner. I highly recommend it!

“The trusted management classic and go to guide for anyone facing new responsibilities as a first time manager. Learn to conquer every challenge like a pro with the clear, candid advice in The First-Time Manager. For nearly four decades, this trusted guide has brought newcomers up to speed on the nitty gritty realities of managing people.The updated seventh edition delivers new information that helps you manage across generations, use online performance appraisal tools, persuade with stories, oversee remote employees, build a team dynamic, match a boss’s style, and more.The jump from star employee to new manager is bigger than most people realize — with opportunities to fail at every step. Stumbling your way through isn’t an option.

In The First-Time Manager, you will learn skills including: leading meetings, hiring employees, motivating others, actively listening, staying calm under pressure, overcoming resistance and much more. With little experience or training, a coveted promotion can become a trial by fire. No one needs that. Turn to the book that thousands have relied on to hit the ground running.”

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Not specific to home health or hospice (and is missing PDGM and hospice reimbursement), but offers good in-depth review of healthcare finance.

Nurses focus on the art and science of caregiving, but nurse managers are faced with the economic reality of patient-staffing ratios, budgets, reports, and accounting. Acronyms such as FTEs and ADCs can feel like a foreign language, but thankfully, help is available.

Updated to include details about key legislation that affects budgeting, The Nurse Manager’s Guide to Budgeting and Finance, 3rd Edition, provides practical tools, tips, and strategies for running a unit that were not taught in nursing school:

  • Operating and capital budget development and planning for the year
  • Formulas and calculations for full-time employee hours, variances, and benefit costs
  • Explanation of financial statements, budgets, and reimbursement documents
  • The relationship between high reliability organizations (HROs) and finance/budgets
  • Differences between not-for-profit and for-profit institutions
  • *Note that I am an Amazon affiliate and will receive a small percentage of this sale if you choose to buy

Not healthcare specific, has some great nuggets with day to day management.

Managing is hard. Managing for the first time is even harder.

First-timers want to quickly learn what it takes to be a successful manager—like they learned how to code, how to design, how to sell—and put those learnings into practice. But what does it mean to manage, and how do you teach someone to be a good manager?

Enter Rachel Pacheco, an expert at helping start-ups solve their management and culture challenges. Pacheco, a former chief people officer and founding team executive at multiple start-ups, conducts research on management and works with CEOs and their managers to build the skills necessary to navigate a rapidly scaling organization.

In Bringing Up the Boss: Practical Lessons for New Managers, you’ll learn how to give effective feedback, how to motivate your team members, and how to hire and fire well, among many other critical management skills. You’ll also learn what it means to manage yourself in this new role, and how to navigate the often awkward and sometimes challenging situations that arise in this new position.

Pacheco shares what makes a manager great, along with anecdotes, research, tools, and how-to’s that help overwhelmed employees become expert managers fast.

*Note that I am an Amazon affiliate and will receive a small percentage of this sale if you choose to buy