Unlocking the Secrets of Nurse Retention: Key Insights from a Hospice Nurse Survey

For this podcast episode, Shelley Henry, RN President of the Amity Group, joins us to chat about the pressing matter of nurse retention. Shelley’s survey of hospice nurses provides insight into the factors that affect their job satisfaction, like the time spent on documentation, redundancy, inadequate staffing, and the need to finish documentation at home at night after working all day. Shelley suggests that a more collaborative approach may help tackle these difficulties, enabling nurses to be involved in refining documentation and developing methods to help them when they are in the field. Maximizing nurse satisfaction and well-being is a surefire way to keep our most essential healthcare workers and improve patient outcomes.

Tune in to this insightful conversation for more on this important topic.

You can find the Amity Group at www.amitystaffing.com

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