Transforming Care and Streamlining Operations through Technology – Present Opportunities and Future Prospects

This podcast episode gave me the opportunity to converse with Ryan Klaustermeier MSN RN Vice President of Professional Services at Axxess, a healthcare technology company, about using technology in home health and hospice care. Ryan provided valuable insights into how technology is helping clinical managers manage patient care more effectively. We discussed the various ways in which technology is being used to improve patient outcomes, such as remote patient monitoring and the use of telehealth, as well as how technology can help with the staff burnout that can impact retention. Ryan also spoke about the ways in which technology companies are making data more accessible to clinical managers, which is helping them make more informed decisions about patient care, outcomes, and utilization. Overall, this podcast episode provided an insightful look into the ways in which technology is transforming the home health and hospice care industries, and where it needs to go to continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of agencies.



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