Early Insight into OASIS E impact to Home Health Operations

The new year brought a game-changing update to the OASIS tool! Beginning in 2023, 25% of the tool will be modified for home health episodes. This marks the first time the home health industry has seen such a significant change to this essential instrument.

Join us for a conversation with J’Non Griffin, Principal with SimiTree, as we discuss the early impact of OASIS E to home health operations. We also discuss Value Based Purchasing (VBP) and the vital role of the clinical manager in guiding and supporting their team in this big change.

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The OASIS E Manual https://www.cms.gov/files/document/oasis-e-guidance-manual51622.pdf

Home health VBP and the PIPR reports https://innovation.cms.gov/innovation-models/expanded-home-health-value-based-purchasing-model

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